Sultry Toronto mimics South Asia

Hot, humid weather offered the perfect atmosphere for our annual Festival of South Asia held on Gerrard Street East this weekend. My shirt was wringing wet by the time I got home but I would never want to miss all the colour, music, food, costumes and customs on show.
Our so-called “Little India” is as much or more our “Little Pakistan”. It’s been a bit depressed, business-wise recently, but today the street was packed from curb to curb. We have some new restaurants… even an Irish pantry… and a few other new businesses suggest that things are looking up.
The festival is SO Toronto… a mish-mash of old Ontario carny stalls and kiddie rides, heritage actors from the CUPE union, South Asian drums and dancers, bangles and saris from India, cooking from Lahore and every kind of attire imaginable. And too much to photograph!

3 thoughts on “Sultry Toronto mimics South Asia

  1. I’m sorry I missed it – I love this festival…
    About those banjo players, did they take a wrong turn looking for the Klondike Days?

  2. Those were a couple of guys from the CUPE union. They had a stage setup and sang songs. I think their theme was societal contributions made by CUPE workers, past andresent.

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