Elgato EyeTV: OUTSTANDING customer service

What a pleasure to give credit and thanks to a company that has gone beyond expectations to keep a customer happy.
I use an EyeTV box to pull in TV signals to my Mac screen and, when I wish, to record shows for watching later. It’s a PVR without the monthly charges from the cable companies. I get 22 channels in Toronto. Works well.
About a month ago, though, all of my signals suddenly dried up. No more TV. I emailed the manufacturer, Elgato, a received a prompt reply with troubleshooting tips. No joy, so the tech people patiently walked me through some diagnostic tests and I sent them the results for study. It was decided that my little electronic unit… the hardware part… was the problem.
I bought the EyeTV unit about 3 years ago, so it was well out of warranty. In fact, Elgato doesn’t even make my 250 Plus model anymore. BUT… they told me they still had some of the old units in stock. If I would send them my old unit, they’d replace it with a new one!
Above is the box my replacement arrived in today. My only cost was $10.35 to mail in my old unit. The new one works just as it should and I’m very impressed with Elgato’s service.