Google SketchUp: effective, free 3D app

The easiest way to understand how SketchUp helps you draw in 3 dimensions… the Beginner’s tutorial!

Think you’d like to try it? It’s a lot easier to move furniture around with a mouse than with your back! Grab the free version.
If you watch and do the 3 introductory tutorials, you’ll be amazed at what you can design. There are thousands of free 3D models to download, too. Need a refrigerator, easy chair or desk to furnish your interior? How about a tank to park in your driveway? Type your wish in the warehouse search box and see what’s available.
You can rotate your creations in space, to see how things look from various viewpoints. SketchUp lets you drop warehouse models into your drawing from within the app. (Window –> Components)
But watch the tutorials. The instructions are very good.