Local chicken and egg dilemma

eggy-weggsYesterday’s test run for a farmer’s market in Fairmount Park got a good turnout but it presented Danica and me with a problem, too. We liked the idea of eating farm-fresh eggs that had been laid by happy little chickens who ran around on grass all day. Maybe the eggs even taste better. So how much of a price premium is chicken happiness worth?
Danica bought some Eggy-Weggs that cost 3 times more than supermarket eggs. She cooked up some of each and we taste tested. Both kinds of eggs were good, and the farm-fresh eggs may have been slightly better than the supermarket product. Hard to say, because the supermarket eggs had been in the fridge for a while and weren’t quite as fresh.
So the taste test was inconclusive. It all comes down to chicken happiness. The verdict? As much as we favour pleasant lifestyles for our egg producers, we are not likely to pay triple the price. That would have a negative effect on our happiness.

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