Two walks today, one Jane's, one not

Today’s Jane’s Walk was the first one ever conducted for the Birchcliff neighbourhood, in Scarborough, along Kingston Road and down to the bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario. Sometimes it felt more like a Jane’s Talk, rather than a Jane’s Walk. Maybe next year they’ll cut back on some of the less interesting credit-giving and political speechifying… but it was a first effort, after all.
birchcliff-gangWe met Danica’s cousin Neda, her husband Richard, daughter Nicole and son Matthew on the Walk. They live in the neighbourhood. Kathleen came along with Danica and me.
The turnout was excellent and the neighbourly feel was very pleasant. Water was provided… very thoughtful on a warm day… and auxilliary police were on hand to assure safe passage across busy, noisy Kingston Road. Tour guides had microphones, which was also helpful. The 2 hour walk finished on schedule and refreshments were provided at the finish line. In short, the event was well planned and executed.
In the morning, before the Birchcliff walk, I had a look at the bluffs from the shoreline, down at Bluffer’s Park. A bit further east than Birchcliff, but in the same neck of the woods, Bluffer’s Park is a twin of The Ashbridges Bay park in our neighbourhood… but it has the cliffs!
What I learned today:

  • Don’t forget your hat like I did for Bluffer’s Park. The sun is HOT and the trees aren’t offering shade yet.
  • The area between Kingston Road and the water’s edge is a hidden gem. Green and peaceful. You’d never guess, fighting your way in commuter traffic along busy, potholed Kingston Road, that serenity was just a few metres away.
  • Said area is a real neighbourhood, with a stable population that values what it has.
  • Real estate values are climbing fast, as newcomers renovate old homes or demolish and infill.
  • The Scarborough Bluffs are one of the city’s best assets and the lake views are gorgeous.

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  1. That’s Matthew at the construction arrow. He didn’t get a tag – maybe because he wasn’t around long enough to get introduced. But he deserves mention (much to his dismay I’m sure) and I was happy to see him, he’s a good looking fellow!

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