The Other Danforth – Midway Jane's Walk

It’s the little things you find about about neighbourhoods that make Jane’s Walks so worthwhile… like the little guy on the rooftop, top left. Who notices these things? Or Dorothy Cox, last seen in the Linsmore Tavern one night in the 1940s. Her bones were found when they tore down Robertson Motors. Her husband had been a construction worker when Robertson Motors was being built. Hmmm.
The walk, conducted in fine fashion by local resident Stephen Wickens, was called The Other Danforth to distinguish our end of the avenue from the better known Greektown end. From around Greenwood on the west to the Wise Guys tavern on the east, our part of the Danforth ran through Midway… because it was midway between the old City of Toronto and the next town, known then as East Toronto.
It wasn’t all history. We learned a bit about Jane Jacobs’ knowledge of the life of cities, as it applies in our neighbourhood. Why we are building a new 12 storey condo near the Woodbine subway station. How pop-up stores help new businesses start up in vacant stores. What might be done about the suburban style McDonalds that eats up a whole block with its asphalt parking lot.
We got pins, too. That’s mine in the lower left corner of the photo.

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