More Helen Andersen art news

The recent discovery of dozens of paintings thought to have been lost has inspired renewed interest in the body of Helen Andersen’s life work. I hope to create an online database of as many pieces as possible, not just the newly found ones but others, too.
To help start things off, Sarah Thompson of Kelowna, BC has provided this photo of an oil painting she owns. It depicts two young girls playing cards. One of the girls is my sister Joni, the other is her friend Theresa Sneed. Theresa was the daughter of our piano teacher Ruby Sneed.
The painting measures 36 inches by 24 inches and it was painted in 1963. Thank you for your information and photo, Sarah.

3 thoughts on “More Helen Andersen art news

  1. Sarah is such a sweetie for adding a painting to the archive.
    And she has great taste in subjects, giggle.
    Nice reminder of Conservatory piano and Ruby’s lessons.
    Thank you.

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