What the heck, count me in

rabitRanked ballots look like a simple way to give voters more say over who gets elected. The advantages are all listed clearly on this site.
Now, what can we do about having NOBODY on the ballot we can stand? That happened last time we voted for mayor. There was no way I could vote for George Smitherman with his track record. Rob Ford? You’re joking. Rocco Rossi turned out to be a political dud who dropped out. And then there were also-rans. Sadly, we know what happened.
RaBIT boosters chose an unfortunate example to illustrate that the proposed system has already been used seriously in Ontario. Ranked balloting coughed Dalton McGuinty into leadership of the provincial Liberal Party and from there he got into the Premier’s office. Not all of us were thrilled with the way that turned out.
No, ranked balloting won’t ensure a better list of candidates to choose from. It could allow some fresh faces to run, though, because fear of vote-splitting would be reduced. I think it’s a small improvement, just because of that.