Governor General honours Andrew Dawes

andrew-dawes-gg-awardEntrepreneur/adventurer Peter Sever had an interesting career even before he invented Canada’s first Mac Store, built high-end yachts and rode around the world on a motorcycle. He was one of the first-ever graduates to earn an MBA in entertainment.
Peter’s admiration and respect for the work of violinist Andrew Dawes goes back to the days when Peter managed Andrew’s celebrated Orford String Quartet. Here’s Peter’s well-written, very readable PDF.

4 thoughts on “Governor General honours Andrew Dawes

  1. It’s Orford not Oxford. And it’s lucky we have Cecilia Quartet to replace them.

  2. Thanks, Brian. My vision has “chips” in it that often cause me to misinterpret letters when I am reading. It’s surprising how a single letter can change a sentence’s meaning when even part of the letter is missing. The tall stroke on a lower case h goes missing an becomes an n. Rs become Xs… and so on.
    You’re right about the Cecilia String Quartet, of course.

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