Recommended: The Inconvenient Indian

inconvenient-indianThe inconvenient Indian : a curious account of Native People in North America
by Thomas King

Good book. Easy and entertaining to read, filled with fascinating facts. Best of all, it’s right up to date, covering issues as recent as the Keystone XL and Northern Gateway pipeline controversies.
If you’d like to get a good handle on where we are with relations between native and non-native people in Canada and the U.S. (Turtle Island), grab a copy.
In it you’ll find humour, irony, history and current affairs. You won’t find easy answers, but you’ll probably learn how complex cultural issues can be. Beware, though. It might change your point of view on a few things.

One thought on “Recommended: The Inconvenient Indian

  1. Thanks Bill. I’m putting it on my reading list.
    Nice to know that people are not forgotten.
    Appreciate you.

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