Colombo quotes Frye in a big way

frye-quotesIndefatigable John Robert Colombo, “Canada’s Master Gatherer” has another important book to his credit. The Northrup Frye Quote Book will soon be available through publisher Dundurn Press and it’s already in the online catalogue.
Although many Canadians will be unaware of Northrup Frye‘s writings, he was a literary critic of the highest international status. Colombo has been working on this book of quotations for years and I will be very happy when I can get my hands on a copy. It will make the wit and wisdom of Mr Frye more accessible, although his entire oeuvre has been published in 30 volumes by the University of Toronto.
I enjoy a sneak peek, reading the quotation on the cover about advertising:

Advertising — A judicious mixture of flattery and threats.

The cover, by the way, is not one of my designs but I like it very much. I might have cropped around Northup’s mane more carefully, but that’s a quibble. It’s a well chosen photo of Frye. Great facial expression and I get a kick out of the devilish way the red quotation marks stick out of his head like horns.
Congratulations on your latest publication, JRC. You continue to live up to that Order of Canada citation you received years ago.