A dime a day to double my internet speed

speedtestUntil today, I was paying Teksavvy $29.99 a month for a DSL (phone line) internet connection that gave me a real life 4.2 Mbps download speed, The service allowed me 75GB of data downloading but I use about a third of that.
When I noticed a 10 Mbps package for $32.99, of course I went for it. The real life speed is 8.5 Mbps and I’m allowed 300GB of downloading. There was a one-time fee of $50 to have a guy come over and fix up a high speed connection. Well worth it, I think.
Teksavvy lets me use my own modem, so no rental fees for that. I bought my own a couple of years ago and it paid for itself in a few months. From here on, my speedy internet will cost me $32.99/month plus tax.
Canadians pay too much for communications services that are lame compared to those of more advanced countries, but until enough of us shout about it, the telco/cable oligopoly isn’t going to do any better by us. The best a single customer can do is to shop around and get the best possible deal. At present, Teksavvy looks good to me.