One of Lloyd Cooke's best, IMHO

Isn’t this painting of Anado fresh, loose and full of personality? I love the colours, too. Anado wanted to buy it but Lloyd generously made a gift of it.
Anado is evidently an inspiring character. From his website:

“Anado has led an exciting, glorious, laborious, irreverent, spirited, delicious, ordinary yet eventful life. He was born in Oklahoma and spent his first 19 years there. At age 20 his soul was psychedelicized and the imprint of the late 60’s…”

You can see more of Lloyd’s work here. Read on to see some of Lloyd’s Anado shots:

2 thoughts on “One of Lloyd Cooke's best, IMHO

  1. Anado appears to be a very colourful character – a true creative spirit. But I really, really love the watercolour depiction in Lloyd’s own carefree and musical style. Delightful post.

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