Pizza Libretto, Danforth

pizza-libretto-danforthTop left, iPhone shot of our calamari pizza. Beside that, the Italian postcard/coupon that comes with the bill.

Brian and I were the first customers to arrive on Good Friday at 11:30 a.m. Shortly thereafter the place was packed. (Customers included one two-year old, bawling very loudly… please, parents, any chance for a bit of consideration?)
We had heard good things and were there to explore. The pizzas lived up to the restaurant’s reputation. Excellent! The restaurant is clean, spacious (wider than I expected) and stylish. I think Brian would have liked a little warmer ambience, but we agreed it looked fine. Our table was too small, though. We were seated hard up against a wall and honestly, once the two pizzas arrived, we had trouble finding room for the salt cellar.
Two 10 inch pizzas, two coffees and one diet Coke… $55.53 with the tip (which was pre-calculated on the electronic billing device, but still optional). Pricey for pizza, to be sure, but the crowded tables say “not overpriced”.
Service was friendly and faultless. One surprising disappointment. Wi-fi is for staff use only… no customers allowed! When I asked for the password the server explained that public use might crash their internal communications. Ummmm. Did anyone think of having a separate wi-fi account for customers? Tim Hortons and McDonald’s seem to have figured it out. We had teed up a video chat with friends in Mexico at lunch time but Pizza Libretto was not cooperative.