A loving gesture for Emily, a reminder for me

Canadian Kyle collected video support from celebrities for Emily, his Australian girlfriend. She is recovering in Australia from surgery for a cancerous brain tumour. Her birthday arrived before Kyle could be at her side in Oz, so he put the video together. In it, everyone wishes Emily well. I do too, of course. [Story]
There was a message in the video for me as well as for Emily. The only celebrity I recognized was Regis Philbin who once ran a talk show I never watched and a game show, ditto. None of the others, kind as they were to participate, looked at all familiar to me.
Granted, I have always been less up on pop culture than most of my contemporaries (and pleased about that, Danica would add). But there was a time when I was at least vaguely aware of such matters, because marketing wasn’t as precise as it is now. Target audiences can be reached quite efficiently, without spillover into profitless worlds like mine.
One of the consequences is that the populations within target audience silos are less and less aware of one another’s interests. Mass marketing had a lot wrong with it, but it did create a larger, more inclusive “cultural commons” than exists today.