East of Eliza and the perfect little gift

jo-visitDanica and I finally made it over to visit Jo in her new digs at Delmanor Retirement Suites (Wow! Wonderful life style). Since she was treating us to lunch at the in-house restaurant, we wanted to bring a little hostess gift.
We have an outstanding florist just at the top of Beach Hill… East of Eliza (on Gerrard, east of Woodbine, actually). Our friends don’t need another knick knack to dust and we don’t want to bring gifts of fattening food or candy. Tastes in wine vary and some don’t drink anyway. Flowers are perfect. East of Eliza flowers are super fresh, fragrant and stylish.

Our gift for Jo is small enough to fit almost anywhere and it’s all complete, nicely wrapped for presentation and with it’s own vase. Even it’s own water. Nothing for a hostess to do except take off the cellophane and enjoy. Jo was pleased.
Our lunch in the Delmanor dining room was very pleasant. It’s like eating in a nice hotel. The food was very satisfying and the sun was beaming in the big, tall windows. Jo gave us a tour of the whole place… reading rooms, billiard tables, conservatory, spa, pub, meeting rooms, computers and a spectacular view from the rooftop patio. Absolutely tip top.

One thought on “East of Eliza and the perfect little gift

  1. Two very gracious looking ladies! I love the floral arrangement and of course those RED velvet chairs…my style indeed. Jo must have been so pleased and proud to be able to treat you to a nice lunch. You guys are great!

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