My support for Minuum

The developers are asking for support, any way they can get it… so here’s mine. It looks like a great invention. Minuum got some help from the MaRs Centre over on College Street and the guys are from U of T. Could this be Canada’s contribution to the world of electronic keyboards? Sure looks like it.
With Blackberry back on the rise, Waterloo exploring quantum computing and now Minuum, we seem to be growing out of our role as “drawers of water and hewers of wood”.

One thought on “My support for Minuum

  1. lol
    Just in from hewing wood.
    Avoiding chlorine gets some into
    drawing water at a spring nearby..
    Cool keyboard!
    I’m hoping we can all feed ourselves without a store handy though.
    It surprised me that children do not know the sun rises in the east.

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