Worst prime minister in my lifetime

harper-gagNow the Harper government is issuing gag orders to librarians and archivists. What are the Conservatives afraid of now? Gagging scientists and auditors… loathesome but understandable, considering what the Conservatives want unsaid about their policies and practices. But librarians? Archivists?

“Once you start picking on librarians and archivists, it’s pretty sad”

I don’t mean to belittle the threat that librarians and archivists might represent to the Harper government. Well read people with a knowledge of history might certainly say things about the Harper government that could spoil its chance of reelection.

4 thoughts on “Worst prime minister in my lifetime

  1. It is particularly squalid that librarians and archivists are being muzzled because they owe a “duty of loyalty” to the government. Does Harper believe that Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is being disloyal when it dares to speak of the many, many faults in his government?
    It strikes me as cowardly to evade criticism by bullying those whose pay cheques and careers you control. Worse, it’s irresponsible.

  2. My, my… have we heard of tyrants rewriting history?
    Yes, keeping truth hidden only works for a little while.
    Happy Spring!!

  3. I just read the link you provided and wonder why there isn’t more being said about this – it’s appalling. They’ve also decided to charge community groups with ‘cost recovery’ fees for use of Archives facilities – starting at $300 per day and increasing annually until cost reaches market rates. This reminds me of the cost recovery they recently announced on emergency search & rescue. The way I see it ‘no new taxes’ has turned into ‘cost recovery’ and bureaucrats better keep quiet or else. These are very sad times.

  4. Astute observation, Danica. “User Pay” and “cost recovery” schemes are just taxes by another name. But instead of sharing the burden of expenses, Conservatives like to pile them up on individuals. If you’re wealthy, it’s no problem to pay for services when you need them. If you’re not… do without.
    I don’t understand why Conservatives get any votes from those who are not wealthy, but they do.

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