It's not goodbye, just au revoir, Blundstones

blunniesBest boots I’ve ever owned. I can’t believe I bought them back in 2005, but Danica has the receipt, so its 8 years for these guys.
They’d never be on their way to the basement, to await resoling at Nick’s if I hadn’t found a new pair today. Ten percent off. Blunnies NEVER go on sale! Too good to pass up and resoling would have left me bootless for a couple of weeks.
I’ll park my old boots for now and get them resoled in the Spring. That will cost more than half what a new pair cost, but the tops are still in great shape and they are soooo comfortable.
Time to start breaking in my new pair. They are already waterproof-waxed and ready to hit the salty slush.

5 thoughts on “It's not goodbye, just au revoir, Blundstones

  1. Having the right comfortable Boots or shoes makes a big difference, it makes taking long walks enjoyable.

  2. Happy birthday dear Bill!!!!!
    Wish you great new year of your life, full of joy in best health and positive and creative energy!
    Don’t forget that your have shoes here in Sydney waiting for you to come and explore Australia.
    much love from Visnja
    i Stanko

  3. Thank you, Visnja i Stanko! Please come back to help Blackberry with BB10 and bring my shoes with you. We have discovered some great new vegetarian restaurants in Toronto and we miss you guys. Honestly, I hope Blackberry is a BIG success and they get in touch to beg you to come back to Canada. Hey, anything is possible!

  4. Talking about everything is possible….and airports.
    Maybe one day airports will be fun and delightful for people and you will enjoy traveling with Donna. We miss you guys very much.
    Come over! It is good here “down under”.
    And shoes are still waiting for happy traveler and Birthday Bill!
    Although in Sydney is already 31 of January! Almost noon.
    Life is very amusing on our Globe.

  5. Ah, you are a very good dreamer, Visnja. I hope your wish comes true and airports become nice places. Then all I need is a lottery win to afford a ticket to Sydney. Anything is possible!

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