Bragging rights for Peter Sever

quoting-peter Adventurer and entrepreneur Peter Sever has carved out an interesting life for himself and continues to surprise.
The other day, he received a complimentary hardcover copy of the latest edition of the trawler yacht
“bible” shown here (with a small graphic addition of my own).
You see, after Peter sold me my first Mac (he founded, then sold Toronto’s famous Mac Store), he took his capital and went into the yacht-building business. Typically, he did it in no small way. Peter’s yachts were for the super-rich, uniquely designed according to his own standards of excellence and built to take the roughest seas.
He was a thorn in the side of competitors, pontificating on engineering/safety matters from his position as an “outsider, non-engineer” (his words). Established builders didn’t like it, but Peter was right. The “bible” now says so, quoting Peter repeatedly.

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