Spot the improvements! game

improvementsTop artwork from the TTC newsletter. Bottom photo: One I took a while ago.
Aside from the amazing see-thru streetcar (actually 30 metres long when visible) can you find the street improvements that brought out the exclamation mark in the headline?
No, the sidewalks are already there. The tracks are new, but that’s to be expected if a new streetcar route is to be added. My best guess is that glass transit shelter, although it seems to be on the wrong side of the street if it’s for streetcar riders. Worth an exclamation mark?
old-shelterAbove is the shelter the glass one will replace. It has an opaque roof, offering shade in summer heat. The new ones have glass roofs.
The only other thing I can see that’s new is a black fence along the edge of the supermarket parking lot. Can that be the cause of the excitement?

2 thoughts on “Spot the improvements! game

  1. Can’t you see, Bill? All of the car congestion is gone after the improvements! The car drivers must be inside that ghost streetcar.

  2. “The car drivers must be inside that ghost streetcar.”…
    Sorry Frank, I attended many of the meetings and these streetcars will not be carrying any passengers as they head to & from the ‘barns’, they will be long, empty and truly ghostlike! That shelter is for the #83 bus, Jones to Donlands Station. Once the 90 or so streetcars are unleashed from the barns, #83 will be a fun bus ride in the morning!

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