Our best conservative PM, Paul Martin, was dumped for being a Liberal

Sure, the Conservative Party of Canada has to accept its reputation for underhanded electioneering tricks, muzzling of scientists, a shameful environmental record, deportation of refugees to torture and invasive internet legislation. But that stuff doesn’t matter because Conservatives are GENIUSES at managing our finances, right?
Oh, there was a bit of bungling on the F-35s, but only by 30 or 40 billion. Balanced books inherited from Paul Martin are now carrying the biggest deficit numbers in Canadian history, but that’s because of foreigners, nothing Jim Flaherty could help. A few tens of millions in tax money somehow went into media advertising, patting the Conservative Economic Action Plan on the back, but that’s money well spent, not cheating.

When Canadian tax money goes offshore to bomb Libyan dictators and safeguard schooling for little Afghani girls, it’s impossible to estimate the real price tag. Nobody can manage finances well in such situations. Hardly fair to expect it. And look what we accomplished!
Billions spent with poor results in northern native reserves aren’t the fault of the federal overseers responsible for approving expenditures. Those aboriginal bands just won’t turn in their receipts.
If the economy is so fragile that interest rates have to be kept life-support low, at least the Conservative Party has the good sense to warn Canadians not to borrow so much money. If people keep piling on personal debt just because money is cheap to borrow, you can’t say that Jim Flaherty didn’t wag his finger at them.
Canada has lots of resources to sell, and we don’t even have to dig them up and deliver them to customers. Shrewd stewards of our economy can get foreign companies to do it for us… and pay us for the privilege! We’re going to get richer than Saudi goatherds, under Conservative economic management.
As for spreading the wealth around, the Harper Government has thought about that, too. Poverty in aboriginal communities, bad drinking water and environmental degradation? No problem. The Conservative Party will train natives to degrade the environment themselves, as highly paid workers for those big foreign developers.
It’s all just simple economics, not rocket surgery, as Conservative Don Cherry likes to say.