Joni sends news of An Idiot Abroad

Apparently the series has been around awhile, but I hadn’t heard of this U.K. phenomenon. There will probably be a North American knock off one day. If we bounce Rob Ford as mayor, he’d be a good choice to play our “Karl Pilkington”. Here’s a Karl quote, for example:

“I find that if you just talk,
your mouth comes up with stuff.”

In the following 3 minute clip, Karl explores Chinese cuisine…

2 thoughts on “Joni sends news of An Idiot Abroad

  1. Vik Sharma does a nice job on soundtrack for An Idiot Abroad.
    Season one was 7 wonders of the world, the Bucket list, and season 3 is the shortest way around.
    I’m fond of Karl Pilkington’s thought process. Thanks Bill!

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