Nuit Blanche Day/Night TTC Pass

It wouldn’t look as hip and cool, but really, shouldn’t the special occasion plastic pass be white?… Nuit BLANCHE, y’know?
Quibble aside, TTC Day Passes are a good idea any weekend (or holiday) because two adults can travel on one pass… all day (and night) for $10.50. Get on and off as much as you like. Go everywhere the TTC goes… subway, streetcar or bus. The two adults can even take up to 4 children along on the same pass. Children/youths are defined as anyone 19 years of age or under.
The one-day Nuit Blanche plastic card works just like a regular day pass (which is paper) but it can be kept as a souvenir if you brave the night and go to lots of Nuit Blanche art events. Starts Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. and goes ’til sunrise.

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