Some Linux success today

For one thing, I made the composite image above in Gimp, running in Ubuntu Linux on my Mac desktop.The picture shows what that looks like… the Mac system running as usual, filling the screen, and the Linux system running in its own window.
The photo of yours truly is supposed to show you how I’ve learned to drag and drop images from the Mac, into the Ubuntu Linux system. I didn’t know how to do this until today. (It’s a matter of telling VirtualBox to treat my whole Mac Desktop as a shared folder.)
It may not seem like much, dragging a file from one window to another on the same computer, but remember… these are NOT one computer. The Ubuntu window is an operating system in its own right, quite independent of the Mac system.
So now I can import and create images to upload to my WordPress blog… all from Ubuntu. Yes, that’s how I made this post. No MacOS X needed at all.
I have a LONG way to go before I’m anything like proficient using Ubuntu, but I can do a few things already. Gimp is VERY different from Photoshop, so there’s a big learning curve there. I was slow doing it, but I managed to size layers, rotate them, add a drop shadow and do some image enhancing. Practice and tutorials might make Gimp as useful as Adobe’s rather costly Photoshop.