How amazing?


A friend sent one of those email collections of curious images and this was one of them. I thought it was surprising, but then I also wondered, “Who makes a 9 like that?” When I looked a little more, I saw that the figures could easily be manipulated to change the number of angles, making for less amazing results.


So now the question is, “Who has time to waste, counting the angles in geometricized numerals, in the first place?” And who has time to undo their work? Same type that does this to another photo from the collection …


WARNING from the Feds

do-nothingA friend just shared a scan of a document received from the Government of Canada’s Ministry of Industry. In all caps, bold lettering, underlined for further emphasis, the heading reads WARNING.

Two possible options are offered:
1. Fill out a form
2. Do nothing

Ohhh, the drama! How exciting it must be, to work under Minister James Moore at Industry Canada.