Epic trio by Ruth Colombo

Three volumes of poetry by Ruth Colombo will soon be published. While we wait to see them, I have mocked up the cover designs I did in collaboration with Ruth. She has long appreciated Gustav Klimt’s image of Pallas Athena, now in the public domain, so she chose it for the set.

The epic poetry, titled Sisters Agonistes as a group, depicts struggles through phases of female lives, from maidenhood, through the middle years of fertility and finally to old age. The form is classical and the players are figures and deities of ancient literature.

I have been reading the volumes as PDF text, looking up references frequently. A scholarly knowledge of Greek and Roman literature would certainly deepen understanding of these complex dramatic works. They won’t be for everyone, but I have found much that is accessible. Ruth’s writing is strong and well-structured, packed with layers of meaning.

While they last …

These sandy citadels won’t be around forever, so I snapped them with my iPad camera while bike riding in Bluffers Park this morning.

It was muddy down there after last night’s thunderstorms, but breezy, cool and dry. Great for a ride around the park. I washed up the bike at home and it’s ready to roll again.


You can see a dark strata line very distinctly on the cliff face. An ancient forest fire?


Erosion will inevitably bring these beauties down. It’s not just the lake, lapping at the base; myriad streams running from the land side are major causes of erosion. See the big V notch carved in the cliff? That’s runoff water chewing away. Apparently we lose about 300 centimetres a year. Several cliff top homes have already been condemned and lost.

Equal billing for Logan the First

First birthday, that is. Logan is the Calgary grandchild of our friends Crawf and Ulli. Their Toronto granddaughter Hayden appeared here earlier in the month, also celebrating a first birthday. These kids keep their grandparents hopping. Thanks for the photos, Ulli.

Logan shares his name with Canada’s highest peak, Hayden is a Canada Day baby.

A timely visit to Gwynne Giles’ studio


Today’s walk started close to home, with a pass by Beach Studio on Gerrard Street East. There was Gwynne behind the glass window-wall that fronts his bright studio space. He was working intently on a new painting, so I hesitated, then decided to say hello.

I was welcomed with a big smile, offered a chair and shown some of his latest work. I like what Gwynne is doing very much. His work is colourful, original, bright and witty. It is also meticulously crafted. His style continues to develop as he restlessly explores new ideas and possibilities.

And here’s the latest. His designs will soon appear on Nuvango (pronounced New Van Gogh) mobile phone covers. Of all the choices available so far, I like the Giles designs best. I am almost tempted to get a cellphone!