A post about being a fan

It’s important to be a fan of something. Somethings is even better. Fans appreciate and thus get more out of life. Fans inspire, pressing doers to do better and better. Here’s a photo that arrived in my email today. John Robert Colombo (far left) and his son Jonathan (far right), trekking through Fan Expo.


I’m a fan of many things. Here’s an example.

And to bring this post full circle, back to Mr Colombo, I am a fan of Barker Fairley, who did portraits of both John and Ruth Colombo. I have seen them on the walls of the Colombo home.


I shall soon see more of Fairley’s work, thanks to the Ingram Gallery.

David Soknacki for mayor

I’m worried. There are enough people in Toronto that will never vote for Olivia Chow, she is no shoo-in to replace the problem in the mayor’s office.

John Tory may look like an option, but his strongest claim is that he is Rob Ford without the circus. What IS Rob Ford without the circus? Let’s face it, support for John Tory is half-hearted and fragile. He has name recognition, but his opponent has a ton more.

So I figure I’ll just vote for the candidate I believe would make the best mayor and do the most for Toronto. David Soknacki‘s policies are clearly defined and published, with priorities identified and funding spelled out. He has the experience to run a large government as well as success in business. He knows how to work with others and has some original, sensible ideas on transit and reining in police costs.

My choice for mayor is running far behind in the polls right now, but there’s time to fix that. That’s why I contributed to the Soknacki campaign and state my support here.

If his campaign is to succeed and lead the charge against another 4 years of wasted time and nonsense, this is no time for a wait-and-see approach. (You get a 75% rebate on any contribution between $100 and $300, paid to you by the City.)

We have an excellent choice for mayor. Let’s make it … and let’s make ourselves heard.

Toronto Star profile David Soknacki

Bicycles to the Brickworks


From our place to the Evergreen Brickworks on the far of the Don River, the bicycle route looked iffy for part of the way. We were not willing to ride with the cars on Bayview, where everyone is going 80. Maps were unclear. Could we cross the Don at Pottery Road and circle back down to the Brickworks?

When we got to the Pottery Road bridge, we found our way easily enough to Bayview but stopped a passing cyclist to ask about riding from there to the Brickworks. We asked the right guy! Alan not only told us, he turned around, rode with us to show us the way and joined us for a blueberry scone at the cafĂ©. That’s going the extra mile (only it was less than a kilometre).

Anyway, we made it and it was well worth the ride. The conservation area behind the old kilns is beautiful. You’d never guess that it’s smack dab in the middle of a big city. “Magical,” said a woman walking her dog.

Still catching up from the weekend

We were out for the South Asia Festival on Saturday and Sunday, there was so much going on. Art, music, dancing amazing food and friends. My new camera got a workout.